Ciao Ciao Club London

We’ve been creating delicious food for over 35 years

About our restaurant

Ciao Ciao, placed in the heart of Kilburn’s lively high street, is a restaurant offering quality home-cooked italian cuisine everyday of the week to hungry & wanting customers, with a club and bar situated downstairs for those wanting to experience the joys of quality music & drink at its best.

At Ciao Ciao, all of our menu ingredients are made fresh to order. We have our own exclusive recipes. Our own pancake recipe, our own home-made pasta & lasagna dough, as well as our own exclusive sauce recipe. This is Italian at its best, and our chef always delivers on the promise. Quality.

Unique to many Italian restaurants in London, Ciao Ciao’s Pasta dough is made fresh with an exclusive recipe. The quality and taste that comes from hand-rolled pasta exceeds the taste of anything that could be produced by a machine.

Everything from our sauce, to lasagna and everything in between is made to order and produced freshly, including our home-made tiramisu. We also have our own exclusive Ciao Ciao Pancake recipe for our Breakfast menu lovers.

Our Lounge Bar

If you want to organise a party come and see us and we will do everything for you.

Book a Party or a Meeting

Ciao Ciao’s exclusive bar and club is available for hire for those wanting to experience the joys of music, drinks and class at its best.

Fully equipped with a variety of light settings to suit the mood and vibe of the occasion, a high-end sound system & seating arrangements for all occasions, our bar and club setting could be the perfect intimate setup for your next private event.

Please use the information on this site to get in contact with our team if you’re interested in making a reservation. Let us know what the occasion is and we will do our best to see if we can accommodate you.